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Find the Fiction...

lit for the jaded

Find The Fiction

This journal was created for sole purpose of fandom writing (fanfiction fanfiction fanfiction), and public posting of icons. I am also in possession of two separate journals-- one which is primarily personal, and the other in which I dump some of the pieces that appear in my journalistic portfolio. (If you're interested in seeing either, leave a comment).

I was born in 1982, and was born and raised in Southern California (in the less pretentious part of the Greater Los Angeles Area).

I hold a baccalaureate degree in English Literature and associates degrees in music and film studies, having attained all as a student under the University of California system (home to UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, etc).

Torn Curtain
sketch by afra_schatz

The 'Torn Curtain' universe is my own sub-universe under the rnotc fandom. If that statement confuses you, visit the community for details. What you need to know in order to understand this fic-verse is that, while rnotc may be marginally related to a similar Disney sub-universe, it is generally not compliant with any Disney movie that was released after 2003.

Pairings include--

  • Norribeth (James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann Turner): I LOVED wee!_Elizabeth from the first film and am writing this entire epic based on that tiny girl. However, I'm not a big fan of grown-up Elizabeth (mostly because I have an extreme distaste for her portrayer). My characterization of Elizabeth is therefore based upon that little girl as well as Emma Griffiths Malin's performance as Fleur Forsyte in "The Forsyte Saga: To Let"

  • het!_Gillington (Andrew Gillette/Marianne Kensington): The inspiration to write for Gillette came about when a RL friend who happens to be a former LJ-er made a wager with me that I could never write Gillette as a bumbling romantic. I almost lost the wager because Gillette!Muse and Elizabeth!Muse, while enjoying a friendly truce in my fic-verse, refused to glance starry-eyed at one another. . . And I CANNOT write slash. My salvation came in the form of the matchmaking plot-point in the TC sequence and a conversation about Kate Winslet I was having with classics_lover at the time. Being completely obsessed with "Sense and Sensibility" I decided to insert Kate’s character from the novel/movie . . . I have been obsessed with the pairing ever since.

  • het!_Grovington (Theo Groves/Margaret Kensinton): This is another pairing that happened by accident as I had originally intended to keep Theo as the kept man of the widowed Mrs. Dashwood. Margaret was originally supposed to be nothing more than an annoying young nuissance who inadvertently helps her mother drive a wedge between Marianne and Andrew. But, I believe that it was bonkatonka that pointed out that I had created chemistry between Margaret and Theo in one of the throw-away pieces that I never finished. This chemistry filtered into the sequenced archive, and I decided to write more things for them.

  • Sampie (Samuel Quincy/Magali Pye-Fletchley): Samuel Quincy is taken directly out of American history books. During the events leading up to the War of American Independance/Revolutionary War/ British Civil War in North America, Samuel Quincy prosecuted the soldiers who fired upon the citizens during the Boston Massacre. In this fic-verse, he is written as Weatherby Swann's roguish nephew. Magali Pye-Fletchley (Magpie) is not my character. She is the brainchild of classics_lover. I borrowed her for the purposes of Samuel's plot trajectory.

As of right now, I have only written two pieces under the 'Ultraviolet' universe. I write mainly ship-based fiction for this fandom. My OTP is Mike Colefield/Frances Pembroke (whom I have dubbed Pemfield) while my secondary ship is Pearse/Angie.

You can find the pieces I have written by clicking here.

I currently only have one piece archived here under the Harry Potter universe. However, if time permits, I plan on writing pieces that revolve around, Merope Gaunt, Draco/Ginny (my OTP), the world before Harry was born, Tonks/Remus, and a 'Paradise Lost' version of Tom Riddle Jr. (I will also flavor these fics with essence of Ron/Hermione.)

You can find my HP-related fic by clicking here.

My OTP in this fandom is Robin/Marian. I also ship Guy/Annie, have something of an OT3 fixation with Will/Djaq/Much... and think that there is a lot of room for fic that focuses on Allan/everything-female.

You can find all archived RH pieces by clicking here.

I have other ships and fandoms, most of which you can find if you look at my LJ "interests" list below. Significant fandoms that may result in fic are Jekyll and Hyde, Phantom, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Great Mouse Detective, Shadow of a Doubt, and the era of the War for American Independence.

You will also find quite a lot of fangirlish enthusiasm in this journal as regards various people--- not the least of whom being: Damian O'Hare, Kate Winslet, Damian Lewis, Emma Malin, Kal Penn, and Lucy Griffiths...

My rating

As stated at the top of the bio, I also make icons and graphics.

(You can find most of my various icons by CLICKING HERE.)

Below you'll find a sampling of my icons:

And you can find my icon resource list by clicking here.

Due to some recent disputes that I've had via e-mail, I feel that I should go on the record and say the following:

Publicly, in this journal, I write FAN FICTION that is based upon pre-existing characters. PRE-EXISTING CHARACTERS. And while I do have some original characters, I am going on record as saying that any resemblance the original characters bear to any persons living or dead are coincidental unless otherwise noted.

I do indulge in parody from time to time, but the public figures whom I parody are associated with the fandoms noted at the end of those pieces. There is no libelous nor malicious intent involved in these parodies-- they are mostly done in humor.

This should go without saying, but in light of certain accusations, I thought that I would write this in order to make my point inescapably clear.

Also, in writing pieces based on previously existing characters, I intend no copyright infringement nor do I intend to steal intellectual property. My main objective in writing within these fandoms is to expand ideas.

If, after reading this, you still feel like complaining about defamation or to quibble about intellectual property, make a comment here.

I do not tolerate anonymous personal attacks.

As the nature of this journal is fandom and fic-based, I almost always reciprocate when someone friends me (provided we honestly have interests, friends, and communities in common... I do not refriend the socks).

Know at the outset that, since this is not my primary LJ account, I do not regularly keep up with this flist (as I have my hands full with my primary flist), so do not be offended if I do not comment.

One last note: If my strong sympathies with the sentiments expressed in anti_knightley offend you, you may not like me-- especially if you read some conversation threads attached to some of my posts. (Though, if you keep to the primary text of the fics, you probably won't be bothered too much... but I do have to post the disclaimer to avoid future argument.)

Let me repeat what I've already stated above-- I do not tolerate anonymous personal attacks.

And, after having said all of this, please enjoy your perusal of my little fandom LJ.