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Swingtown Thoughts

I have just seen half of "Swingtown."

Here are some thoughts:

1) Jack Davenport needs to FIRE his dialect coach and search for the dialect coach that worked on the set of "Band of Brothers."
2) The show is Fabulously Horrible or Horribly Fabulous-- either way, it is horrible and fabulous at the same time.
3) Jack Davenport and the woman who plays his wife are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too young to portray the parents of that girl.
4) Grant Show's porn mustache did exactly what I thought it would do--- it upstages anything else that's in the scene with it.
5) I am really insanely pissed that there looks like there's going to be an inappropriate student/teacher relationship developing. WHY is it always the teacher of English Literature? It's not that I'm completely against an age-inappropriate relationships as dramatic plot points, but couldn't it have been one of the neighbors?
6) Why does the woman who plays Jack Davenport's wife remind me a little bit of Kate Isit? (Coupling!)