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Goodbye and Thank You

“Lieutenant Groves.”

He nodded slightly as Captain Dashwood’s widow stood aside. Once past the doorway, he saw that she was wearing a rather loose-fitting nightgown, noting that she had not bothered with a housecoat. It was no doubt a concession she made to the heat of the island.

“I saw a light in the window,” he said, removing his hat.

“I see,” she said, staring up at his face in a manner that suggested that she was searching his features for something. “Have you come to wait out the storm?”

“Julia,” he said, not wanting to waste any time. “You know why it is I have come.”

He took her hand as she quietly led him toward the bedroom.

* * *

“Theodore, I believe that it is time that we cease this pastime of ours,” she said as she redressed and left his side.

“Forgive my momentary slip of the tongue,” he said, looking contrite.

She turned back to sit beside him on the bed. Using her right hand to stroke his cheek gently, she sat silently, trying to find an appropriate way to phrase what she meant to say.

“My ego is not bruised,” she said, with a slight and sympathetic smile playing about her lips. “And I have known for quite some time that your attention now seems to be commanded by the youngest of the Kensington girls.”


She placed her thumb upon his lips and said, “As it should be.”

She watched as he bowed his head.

“I make my way back to England in three week’s time,” she said. “Allow this time we have just spent together to serve as my farewell.”

Not half an hour later, as he stood on her doorstep, she allowed him to raise her hand to his lips for the last time.

“Goodbye, Mrs. Dashwood,” he said with a slight bow at the waist. “And thank you.”

Author's Note:

Had a tiny bit of time right before I got sick and before I started my new 60 hr/week job... And this is what happened. I thought it would be nice to have a scene between Theo Groves and his "cougar" just as he started to realize that he had deeper feelings for a younger woman.

Thanks to classics_lover for reading this over and making sure that it was readable.

Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome and encouraged.