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Torn Curtain Pt 63

Part 63: Happy Obligations

James sat in the darkness contemplating the ridiculous conversation he had overheard between his two best officers and Quincy. However, the more he contemplated, the more sense their words made. Elizabeth was young and would soon want children. She had said as much herself.

He had already spoken to her father who, for decency’s sake, pleaded with James to wait. This had been, however, months past.

It was time for James to speak. He had an obligation to her and he had an obligation to himself.

Author's Note:

Yes, I know. Short. But there wasn't much that I had to fit into this POV... and I wasn't about to attach this piece to the next installment.

Again, apologies for the delay.


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Nov. 15th, 2007 12:26 am (UTC)
Those'll be some beautiful children XD

Glad to know you're still alive =]
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