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Psych Semi-Rant #1

Dear Mr. Franks,

After the past four episodes, I have a few very humble requests:

1) Please quit writing your characters as charicatures.
-Timothy Omundson is doing his very best, but you're not giving him enough to work with. The Lassiter character shouldn't be a pathetic mess all around. And all the ground work you all set with the second half of last season, it seems to have been erased. Lassi was vulnerable and a lot more human. I'd really like that Lassiter back.
-Same with the character Henry. Corbin Bernsen is actually faring better at grounding Henry in contrast to Omundson's Lassiter, but STILL... it seems that the only reason the character Henry gets trotted out these days is to reprimand his son, only to look ridiculous when Shawn cracks the case.
-Don't even get me started on how secondarily Juliet is becoming to EVERYTHING. She's everyone's arm candy--- and not even an object of romance. If the show was a culinary dish, she'd be the most expendable garnish. Please give her more to do.

2) I'd like to see juicier crimes with better motives. The criminals in the past four episodes have idiotic motives that are uncompelling.

3) WTF happened to Shawn's sense of compassion? Bring that back... Right now, he's just coming across as an arrogant jackass.

4) I would really love to see how Buzz is doing with the little cat from last season.

Other than that, the show's still got me laughing every Friday. I'd just like a little more substance.